Linda Schimmel, founder of LS Promos, has been a corporate gift buyer and promotional specialist since 1992. Her ability to understand her clients branding and budgetary needs has provided her with loyal customers year after year. Nothing is out of her reach, “If I can’t find an existing product within the marketplace, my team and I then try to design it ourselves.”

Unlike other companies who push for the same product over and over again, Linda, along with her team, works with her clients to create the best solutions that will bring positive end results. She maintains a close relationship with each client, strategizing and designing unique items. She explains, “The reason you will not see a bombardment of product categories on this website is because each client is treated individually, with specific objectives.”

LS Promos prides itself on finding the right product for its clients, “A product can be popular but if it’s not geared to the right target audience, it’s a waste of our client’s dollars.” Schimmel and her team make sure to find promotional items that will have a lasting impression and impact among the end-user audience; “The great value of promotional products is the lasting impression the logo will create as the logoed product is repeatedly used.” No matter what the budget, LS Promos wants to make clients look good. The priority is to find the right product that will convey their client’s message most effectively.

With an array of clientele, from movie studios to universities, from large corporations to small businesses, Schimmel, along with her team, has used her creativity and keen sense of understanding her client’s needs, to tailor-make each project.